“Kung-fu is special to me not only because it allows me to relax from stress, but also because it is a place where I have found family – a family that cares for and willingly sacrifices their time to make me a better person in so many ways.”


“Kung Fu was a huge impact in my life. Before I did Kung Fu, I was a stubborn and close minded person. I also wasn’t the nicest person. To top it all off, my self esteem was as low as it could get. However, it may be hard to believe, but my life has changed completely (for the better) when I started my Kung Fu training. I met awesome people, learned how to defend myself, got in shape, and the list could go on. The most important thing Kung Fu has taught me though, was to respect everyone and everything in life. The atmosphere of the school was so positive that it really changed me into a kinder, more open minded person, and I do not regret one second training at Wah Lum.”


“Kung Fu has taught me respect, patience, control and that I can come to all my kung fu brothers and sister for any problems I have like home work or if I’m having a bad day. I love kung fu with all my heart.I love kung fu because it gave me perseverance with everything and increased my patience.”


“Kung fu has taught me to be patient and to respect all people.”


“Kung fu has taught me to work my hardest and be the best I could possibly be.”


“I like to be around the people in this kung fu school all the time because it gives me a warm and welcome feeling. We motivated each other and work hard together.”


“I like working hard in kung fu because it made me push myself and become more flexible. I learned how to defend myself and control myself against other people.”


“Practicing kung fu has made me physically stronger, more flexible, and mentally focused. I made a huge turnaround from having a nearly zero level of fitness to becoming an active and healthy individual. The environment here has taught me how to be patient and work closely with other people. It is a great place for people to be and who care about each other.”


“Kung fu has taught me patience, hard work, perseverance, and collaboration with others. I like kung fu because I get to meet people of all ages and cultures.”


“I like kung fu because it is fun, you get to spend time with friends, and teaches you hard work. You can always try to get techniques down and learn something new.”


“I like to work hard and challenge myself and learn more about the culture.”


“I like kung fu because it teaches me to work hard in everything. I keep coming because it’s fun. People are there to help you.”


“Kung fu is fun and hard work at the same time. It improves my pushups, jumps, and quality.”


“Kung fu teaches me to calm down. It made me a better person because in school, I used to go wild and now I don’t. I like being at the school because I don’t always want to be at home.”


“You get to learn and do new moves in kung fu. My cartwheel has gotten better. Class is always exciting and learning forms is extremely fun and challenging.”


“I like kung fu because I get to learn and practice forms and it’s good exercise. I started working harder in life and now I get good grades in school.”


“Kung fu makes me exercise and be healthy. It makes me stronger and faster. I like being here because I get excited when I learn something new. I got more flexible and my stances got better.”


“I enjoy practicing kung fu because it helps me grow mentally and physically. At times it can be challenging, but kung fu pushes you to grow and become a better person. Even though it is a lot of hard work, it is also very fun and exciting.”


“Practicing Kung Fu has become more than just a physical activity for me, but more of a way of life. Physically it has kept me in shape and given me the flexibility to be able to do more than I ever imagined, but mentally it exercises my ability to persevere through anything. It is fun to be in an environment where everybody is working hard to achieve similar goals.”

Wah Lum Kung Fu & Tai Chi Academy