Our School, a Field Trip Destination!

On Monday, a group of high school students from the Brooks School in North Andover and their Chinese teacher Ms. Huiying Zhao, visited the school as part of their field trip to learn more about Chinese Martial Arts and Culture.

The school bus dropped-off a group that had a mix of international students and boys from all over the country currently enrolled in a Chinese Class. Their field trip included a brief intro to our Kung Fu system and a MBTA ride to go explore Chinatown.

Sifu Mai Du led the group through some basics of kung fu and tai chi and a brief lecture of their history, demonstrated self-defense, and introduced to them the various weaponry used in the Wah Lum system.  They spent the morning at the school and then left to visit Chinatown.

“It was quite awesome and unique that our Academy was sought out as a destination for a field trip”

Brooks School-1

Wah Lum Kung Fu & Tai Chi Academy